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Kasa app for PC

Kasa app for Android is built to allows you to add, configure, monitor and control all your TP-LINK smart home devices from wherever you are in the world. The app was created by TP-LINK Research America. You can schedule your appliances to turn your appliances on or off in line with your schedule. The app … Read more

i calendar for PC (Windows) & IOS

The i calendar for PC is the perfect calendar application for android devices. It was created and published by oranges camera studio. The app hosts a simplistic and intuitively usable interface. You can enter and track events quickly without much effort. The app was released into the app market on February 8, 2018. It is … Read more

Hi VPN for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) & Android

hi vpn for pc

Hi VPN for PC is an application built to run on the Android operating system. The app is built to optimize user internet experience through its many custom features. The application grants the user access to and through different online checks and filters. It is an application that transforms your internet experience into a limitless … Read more

Download Golf games for PC & Mac

Golf club cover

Golf games : Golf games for PC, unlike it’s ball oriented cousins, does not restrict itself to the standard terrain of fields it’s rather dynamic because it can be played on any terrain which is also needed for the game. Golf in itself is a wonderful sport and it is played on a system of … Read more

Droid VPN Premium for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Droid vpn for pc

Droid VPN Premium for PC is an application built to run on Android devices. It was created and published by the Philippines based company Droid VPN incorporated. The app can be used to unblock all kinds of regional internet checks and limitations. With the app, you can also browse the web in anonymity. The app … Read more

Case clicker for PC (Windows) & Android

Case Clicker for pc

Case clicker for PC game is a combination of the CS case simulator with a clicker. The game was created and published by Hawk games. In the game, you click and open cases to find rewards, play mini-games, trade with friends etc. The game was released by its creators into the app market on September … Read more

Word Swag for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

word Swag for pc

Word Swag for PC is a text editor created and published by Oringe Incorporated. It is an application that is used to add text to pictures. With word swags you can create amazing graphics and shareable images for your business, or just for the fun of it. The application was released into the market on … Read more

FlipaClip for PC & Mac | Free Download


FlipaClip is an application that gives expression to your creativity and wings to your imaginations. FlipaClip provides you with all you need to create fabulous cartoon animations, from brushes of different sizes and thickness to about a hundred different colors and lots of options to pointing out your mistakes and helping you correct them, giving … Read more

Firefox Focus for PC (Windows) & Android


Firefox Focus for PC is an application developed by the company known as Mozilla.It is a free application packaged developed for the purpose of protecting the privacy of the user by blocking online trackers which include third-party advertising. Price: FreeOperating System: Android and IOSApplication Category: Browser Key Features • It limits trackers and blocks ads. • It has a very high-speed making webpages load faster. • Ad blocking can be adjusted and the default search engine can be set. • Website links and URLs can be set to autocomplete. • It is available for both IOS and Android devices. • It has a telemetry option that collets nonpersonal information for the improvement of Firefox. • It is free PROS It has a soothing slick interface. It speeds up performance by tracking and blocking ads. It is a secure browser that blocks out ad trackers. It has an erase button that can be used to clean up the user’s browser history. On IOS devices, it can pair up with safari for the purpose of blocking ads and limiting tracking. CONS It does not have bookmarks. Only one tab can be used. Get for Android Download It Main features of the browser Customization of tracking protection It allows the user to select the type of trackers to be blocked. It has options to block regular ads, analytical, social, web fonts and even JavaScript. Erase browsing history It allows you to erase your browsing history with just one to two taps. You can also erase it from the notification panel. Autocomplete function It has an autocomplete function built in to complete inserted URLs. This is to compensate for the lack of bookmarks. Stealth mode The browser has a stealth mode function inbuilt. This is similar to incognito mode but better because of the fact that other people will not be able to see the webpage in overview mode. It appears as a blank dark screen.Adding site exceptions to adblocking on android devicesFor android devices, some sites can be exempted from the ad blocks depending on the user. How to Install and Use Firefox Focus The browser is very fast and secure and can be used in a PC as well as other devices. With this, the information on how to install and be able to use the browser remains of utmost importance. How to install To download and install is quite simple. I. Install Blue Stacks and run the installer. ii. Complete … Read more