Acapella App for PC (Windows 7,8,10)/Mac | Free Download

Acapella app for pc is an amazing app that enables musicians and singers create innovative acapella videos. Download the app from here.

With the app Acapella videos can be made using the awesome features in-built into the app. The app contains a variety of harmonies and musical instruments which can be used to set the perfect tone for your videos.

Read the complete post to find out how you could use Acapella on your windows or Mac OS.

Price: Free
Operating System: Android, iOS
Application Category: Entertainment

Key Features of Acapella App

  • Users can create their own acapella videos anywhere they are
  • The app enables video and audio editing so you can come up with nice sounds and beats
  • Users can collaborate and create acapella videos with their friends
  • Video syncing is available
  • The app offers karaoke recording and sharing

Main features of the Acapella App for PC

Acapella App for PC

1. Karaoke recording and sharing

Karaoke is always fun, the Acapella app enables users create their own karaoke moments and share with friends, family or loved ones

2. Video collage creation

With this feature users can create stunning videos and combine with their music to bring it to live, it’s really a fun feature.

3. Video edit

The app allows for the edit of videos, you don’t have to be in a haste about editing videos you aren’t cool with. You can simply save and edit later using the mix cord feature.

4. Video and Audio syncing

With this app users can record and sync video and audio all at the same time. They get to feel like their own music producers.

5. Collaboration with friends

The Acapella app lets you collaborate with friends, just think about the fun you can have together working on a joint acapella video.

6. How to Install and use Acapella

To use the Acapella on your PC you would need to download and install it, this is a very simple and straightforward process; you will need to firstly download an emulator which helps your PC function as a phone and therefore accept the andriod version on your PC.

Get it on Android and iPhone:

How to install Acapella for Pc or Mac ?

Follow these steps

  1. Download and install an android emulator either BlueStacks or Xeplayer is a cool option
  2. Launch BlueStacks on your PC
  3. Next tap on the My Apps buttons in the emulator 
  4. Use the search bar to check for Acapella Maker app
  5. Click on the install button option which is displayed
  6. From here download the Acapella app
  7. Install and you begin to use

How to use Acapella app ?

Here are steps to using the Acapella app “Record a new video”

  1. Open the app and click on “Record a new video” since it’s your first time you will have to calibrate the app for your device to improve synchronization
  2. Make sure you go to a quiet place for calibration to take place
  3. You can also calibrate your PC from the info “I” menu.
  4. For longer recordings of 1 minute and above it would take twice amount of time to render completely
  5. Ensure you have an average free internal memory of 1-2GB for rendering to be completed, it’s important that no apps are running at this time.
  6. To get the best audio quality kindly use a headset when recording


  • More than ever before Acapella music can be created so easily by its fans
  • It’s simple to use
  • Collaboration enables fun sharing
  • It allows the editing of videos and syncing to come out with great content


  • The user interface develops issues from time to time
  • There can be issues with the recorder
  • May promote noise pollution
Acapella for pc


If you are a musician or singer especially an aspiring one this app is for you. We recommend that you study all the features in the app to enjoy the best of all it has. Its Video collage and karaoke features are features you seriously need to try out.

You may begin to love the app to a point of distraction. It’s great to not go overboard with it though. It’s a really great app for everyone no matter your singing ability it really is a fun app.

You can use the app through a VPN app

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Acapella App free?

Yes! It’s absolutely free to download and use. Once installed you would get to enjoy all of its amazing features.

2. How can I use it on my PC?

By downloading and installing an emulator on your PC you can download and use the Acapella App. This works because the emulator uses your PC as a smartphone

3. Does Acapella app function on particular operating systems?

Absolutely, it functions on the windows and iOS systems as long as you have your android emulator setup

4. Which is the best free Music and Audio app?

There are some other such apps available, however most are not capable of delivering what the Acapella app offers its users. It’s a free and popular app for a good reason.

Best Alternatives for Acapella app

Acapella app

Considering other options? Kindly take a look at these other alternatives similar to Acapella app

1. PicPlayPost

PickPlayPost is a pioneer and the first app offering the features of video editing and collage, photo collage and all other cool features added with music. It’s free to download.

To download and install on your PC

  1. Download and install an emulator
  2. Click on this link
  3. Click on the green button that says “install”

2. SquareVideo

This is a cool app that enables its users capture and share videos, and pictures. With Square Video you can share your video, photo or picture with music without the restrictions on its size.

  1.  Download and install an emulator
  2.  Click on this link
  3. Click on the green button to download SquareVideo

3. Yamaha Chord Tracker

The Yamaha chord tracker is a cool app although it doesn’t work with video. Its focus is to help users figure out the exact chords for their favorite songs, so it’s a cool app for practice. The app helps you practice and perform songs by analyzing the audio song stored in your device and then displays the chord symbols so you can follow along.

To download and install:

  1. Install BlueStacks emulator
  2. Click on this link
  3. Click on the green button to download the Yamaha Chord Tracker

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Acapella App for PC really resonates with musicians, singers, and fun lovers. It can be a professional tool for your music career or simply just a fun app that helps you improve your perfect singing in the shower.

Whatever category you fall into this app will soon be a favorite for you.

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