AllCast for PC (Windows) & Android

AllCast for PC is a common, useful and free application that aids connection between an android device, a TV set and a PC ensuring maximum optimization of these gadgets. The major function of this app is to project videos from android phones, tablets or PC onto a TV screen. So, basically AllCast impressively displays your videos on a bigger screen with no stress or additional cost whatsoever.

Another significant function of this fantastic app is that with AllCast connected to your phone you can stream all the videos on your android phone or PC straight to your television. AllCast is also user friendly and incomplex enough to be used by anybody, no experience or prior knowledge needed. AllCast is able to get your songs, recordings and videos from wherever you keep them, once you have AllCast installed on your PC and are ready to use it, it effectively handles everything. 

Price : Free
Operating System : Android, Windows 
Application Category : Multimedia 

Key Features

i. It is absolutely free.
ii. It is easy to use.
iii. It gives you a large screen experience.
iv. Its setup process is very simple.


i. Totally free
ii. Super simple and easy to navigate interface
iii. Gives a more interesting feel to movies
iv. Enlivens games 
v. It contains no advertisements 


i. It can make you glued to your TV all day thereby increasing your screen time and the danger it poses to your eyes
ii. Inferior to AllCast premium


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Main features of the game

Transfer of files

AllCast smartly transfers files including songs, pictures, recordings and videos from wherever you save them, your android phone, your tablet or your PC to your TV set.

Incomplex and natural interface


AllCast is user friendly to the core as its incomplex and natural interface makes it super easy to be navigated by anybody without any prior information concerning the app.

Key Factor 

AllCast is a key factor in making the dream of a bigger screen come true as it serves as a major link between the devices, it has the capacity to sustain the connection between the location of your files and your TV set

Excellent Compatibility 

AllCast is nonselective as it works with various streaming gadgets, Smart TVs, Game consoles and much more, It also does not select the kind of phones to work with as it connects with all android brands from infinix to tecno to Samsung, itel e.t.c.


AllCast is a versatile app that not only works as a link but also connects gadgets to the TV by serving as a messenger that carries files like songs, pictures, recordings and videos from their location on your PC, android phone or tablet to the TV.

How to Download and Install AllCast for PC using XePlayer 

i. Firstly, you need to Download and Install the XePlayer android emulator on your PC if you don’t have it installed 
ii. After downloading, installing and launching the XePlayer 
iii. Log in to ypur Google account and go straight to Google Playstore
iv. Using your search bar, look for AllCast and click on it when you see it
v. Allow it to install, open it and enjoy the big screen life. 

How to Download and Install AllCast for PC using BlueStacks 


i. Download and install BlueStacks android emulator if you don’t have it on your PC.
ii. Launch it and log in yo your Google account.
iii. Go to Google Playstore and using your search bar, search for “AllCast”.
iv. Click on it when you see it, allow it to install. 
v. Have fun with AllCast.

Recommendations –

AllCast for PC reiterates the phrase which says “Bigger is better”. The excitement that comes with a bigger screen can not be overemphasized. I totally recommend AllCast to everyone who is tired of squinting at their android phones or seeing movies in uncomfortable positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use AllCast on my PC?

Download the AllCast Receiver app for Chrome and launch it on your PC/Mac. Make sure your PC and your android phone are on the same WiFi network then open the Mirror Beta app on your phone, The Chrome app will be displayed on your Screen and all you need to do is to tap and begin to mirror. 

How do I get AllCast on my smart TV?

The first thing is to have AllCast installed and launched on your android device

Connect your Samsung TV after turning it on to the same WiFi network your android phone is connected to

After this connection everything on your gadget will naturally be discovered by the app

Check the detection tab and click on the name of your TV and enjoy casting

Does AllCast need WiFi?

To access Chromecast that will facilitate the use of AllCast without a WiFi connection is quite easy, all you have to do is click on the Chromecast button and be sure to select “nearby devices” Chromecast APIs will immediately be aware of the devices around giving you full control of Chromecast from the cloud

Best Alternatives


1. AirServer –

This application boosts your streaming feel by applying basic screen mirroring techniques which include: Airplay, Google cast and Miracast into a single unlimited receiver. AirServer makes streaming and mirroring your android phone to your PC/Mac possible, it turns around a basic large screen or projector to a complete screen mirroring receiver that augments your streaming experience.

How to Download and Install

This app can be downloaded with the same process as AllCast using BlueStacks, XePlayer or Nox player

2. Reflector –

Reflector incorporates the potentials of AppleTv, Chromecast and windows to produce a dynamic mirroring receiver. This application is also versatile as it functions with principal programs such as Miracast, Airplay and Google cast. Reflector wirelessly permits you to mirror your android phone, tablet or PC to a larger screen with a basically simple organization process. 

How to Download and Install

This app can be downloaded with the same process as AllCast using BlueStacks, XePlayer or Nox player

3. VMLite VNC Server –

VMLite VNC Server is quite unique as it the first and only mirroring application that functions without background demands. With the famous VNC protocol, it allows you to direct your gadget from a PC or your mobile device. Although VMLite VNC Server works with both rooted and unrooted android phones.

It is important to connect your device to the Mac/PC using a USB cable after every time you turn the device off and on to enjoy a free desktop program.

How to Download and Install

This app can be downloaded with the same process as AllCast using BlueStacks, XePlayer or Nox player

4. Wondershare MirrorGo –

Wondershare MirrorGo is a versatile medium of watching and playing games on your PC, It lets you read and create messages, listen to music, watch videos sans limits. It is very easy to use as it serves as a means to transfer files from your PC to your android phone and vice versa.

It is essentially valuable to the lover of video games who appreciate the big screen with complete HD experience.

How to Download and Install

This app can be downloaded with the same process as AllCast using BlueStacks, XePlayer or Nox player


AllCast for PC is worth every positive comment it gets and we hope the above information has helped in letting you know how great it would be to have AllCast for PC installed on your PC, and how to go about the download and install process. We would love to answer any question you might have as regards AllCast for PC

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