Blink Home Monitor for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Blink Home Monitor for PC is a home surveillance application fabulously designed to give your house a 24/7 monitoring by informing you of all that happens in your house even in your absence, Blink Home Monitor is smart and impressive as it sends you both audio and video notifications when someone is around your premises.

It covers both inside and outside your house and helps you keep watch over your pets even when you’re away. Blink Home Monitor cameras are weatherproof and everything you see is presented with excellent picture quality. Absolutely free, easy to set up and super smart, Blink Home Monitor is what you need if you would like to be away from and at home at the same time.

Price: Free
Operating System: iOS and Android
Application Category : Security

Key Features

i. It can be connected to multiple gadgets
ii. Weather protected HD camera
iii. Indoor and outdoor coverage
iv. Night vision


i. No ads
ii. No cost attached
iii. Great picture quality
iv. Easy setup 
v. Compatible with Alexa


i. Can’t work without WiFi
ii. Can only see as far as the camera goes


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Main features of the App


Blink Home Monitor is highly sensitive and leaves nothing to chance as it spots every movement no matter how subtle, it doesn’t just monitor, it monitors efficiently. Blink Home Monitor watches your house better than a security agent because an agent might feel a need to visit the restroom while an intruder lurks around waiting for an opportunity to come therefore handing the badly needed opportunity to the intruder on a platter of gold but Blink Home Monitor doesn’t need to use the restroom.


Blink Home Monitor lets you know when someone is around by sending you an audio and video notification straightaway. Blink Home Monitor is not limited by distance, wherever you are, no matter how far you are from home Blink Home Monitor will find you and give you details of what is going on in your house. 

Multiple devices

Blink Home Monitor

With Blink Home Monitor you don’t have to log out of one device to log on to another neither do you need two accounts as Blink Home Monitor allows you to connect to multiple devices, as many as you want. Your tablet, smartphone, PC and any other device you own cam all be connected to your blink.


Blink Home Monitor allows you to move your cameras from place to place and angles to angles. Just in case you discover that you don’t see much from where your cameras are placed or you are at a disadvantage as regards seeing specific parts of your house Blink Home Monitor comes with really flexible cameras that are easy and ready to be changed 

How to Download and Install Blink App for PC using BlueStacks 


i. Download and install BlueStacks android emulator if you don’t have it on your PC.
ii. Launch it and log in to your Google account.
iii. Go to Google Playstore and using your search bar, search for “BlinkApp”.
iv. Click on it when you see it, allow it to install. 
v. Blink App is all yours.

How to Download and Install Blink App for PC using Nox player

i. Download and install the NOx player if you don’t have it on your PC.
ii. Launch it and log in yo your Google account.
iii. Go to Google Playstore and using your search bar, search for “AllCast”.
iv. Click on it when you see it, allow it to install. 
v. Congratulations, you can now enjoy with Blink App


I would recommend Blink Home Monitor to everyone because security and safety is very key. If you’re a parent and doubt the safety of your child/children while you’re away Blink Home Monitor is the app you need, the same goes for pet owners and anybody who believes the importance of  safety measures can not be overemphasized 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly fee for Blink Camera? Blink App offers the service of excellent video surveillance without any charges applied.

Can you download videos from Blink?

Blink is designed to keep videos on security servers that can be accessed through the Blink App, you can now decide to download the video or transfer it to any location of your choice. 

Do Blink cameras need WiFi? 

WiFi is like the nutrition Blink cameras thrive on, it is impossible for Blink cameras to operate with an inactive WiFi connection and a powered off sync module, both must be actively available for Blink cameras to function.

How far can blink camera be away from Sync module?

Blink Camera covers quite an impressive distance that is about one hundred feet.

Best alternative for Blink App

Arlo : Arlo is the best alternative you can get for Blink Home Monitor, as far as alternatives go. Arlo is designed by Netgear and a tad bit more expensive than Blink. It offers more spectacular features like Arlo security lights, doorbells and a unique baby monitoring camera. Arlo is also compatible with Alexa as well as Google home and Samsung smart things making it more versatile.


Blink Home Monitor for PC is a product of extreme thoughtfulness and security is a major issue and you can’t be too careful as far as your safety and that of your loved ones are concerned hence my belief that Blink Home Monitor is a must-have for every household. Even if you are one of the few privileged people with access to protection by security agents.

Blink Home Monitor is a great supplement to cover what security agents might miss. The use of Blink is not restricted to the home alone but offices as well as warehouses and places of business because no matter where we are or where we go our safety is to be prioritized.

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