BlueMail for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10), Mac & Android

BlueMail for PC is an application that provides solution to all your email problems. For no cost whatsoever, BlueMail manages your various email accounts from different providers with remarkable features BlueMail such as the instant push that speeds up the delivery of your emails, the classification of different emails from the same sender, group mails and the setting of tasks and constant reminder.

Price: Free
Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android
Application Category: Productivity

Key Features 

i. Guaranteed privacy and security 
ii. Dark theme
iii. Super easy to set up
iv. Simple configuration
v. Mail support via IMAP


i. Supports multiple accounts
ii. State of the art technology
iii. Flexible and easy to navigate


i. It can lead to too much concentration on emails
ii. Its high end technology complicates some of its features


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Main features of the app


Clusters makes the whole process of responding to messages so much more easier as it put all emails, past and present from the same sender together. Cluster rids you of the stress of having to remember where you left off in a conversation with someone and it makes your inbox look tidy.


BlueMail delivers instantly and perfectly, it helps you to see and get results in more ways than one. It helps you to organise your messages, putting the ones needing immediate attention first, helps you set dates to carry out particular tasks and reminds you of such dates, all in all, with BlueMail you don’t have to remember much, you only have to frequently visit the app. 


BlueMail is flexible enough to let you choose how and when you want your calendar reminders. BlueMail helps you keep your calendar updated and automatically synced allowing you to view invitations and add accepted ones to your calendar.


Instant Push is one of very spectacular feature of BlueMail as it solves the problem of slow delivery of mails, it is no doubt that this feature is an evidence of the high end technology employed in creating and designing the BlueMail application. Having studied the issues people face with sending, receiving and handling emails BlueMail was created with solutions to this problem. 

People centered

BlueMail is people centered, it helps you connect more with people as the whole stress of having go go through tons and tons of emails to check which you want to respond to is allayed by BlueMail. It arranges individual and group conversations separately and this just makes the email experience a lot more interesting.


How to download and install

To download BlueMail on your PC, you need to have an android emulator installed on your PC. Android Emulators are are virtual means that allow you to use application available only for androids on PCs, they are available online, although BlueStacks is the most popular and most preferred there are other emulators that work well too like Nox player, Andy Emulator e.t.c.

Surf the internet, download and install any android emulator you would prefer although I recommend BlueStacks afterwards go steps stated below to download and install BlueMail on your PC

i. Log in to your Google account from your android emulator 
ii. Using your search bar, look for “BlueMail” 
iii. Click on install when you see your result
iv. Wait for it to install, open your BlueMail and say goodbye to email problems.

You can also download BlueMail by registering for the Beta test. By registering for the Beta test you’re subscribing to being notified when the official BlueMail for PC that can be used without android emulators is released and all you need to do is :

i. Subscribe to the beta test
ii. Register and wait for them to send you a message
iii. Once you get the confirmation message, be sure you’ll be one of the first users of BlueMail PC when it is finally released. 


BlueMail is the app for you if you’re tired of struggling with different email accounts from different providers, missing and forgetting to reply messages and being totally exasperated with the whole email business. If you want to keep the whole process, simple, organised and interesting, I totally recommend BlueMail.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BlueMail free? 

BlueMail helps you to manage your email and is available to you for no cost whatsoever

How safe is BlueMail?

BlueMail employs the use of tested and trusted encryption such as SSL and STARTTLS to ensure your security and privacy. 

What is BlueMail ActiveSync?

EAS (Exchange Active Sync) and EWS (Exchange Web Services)  are supported by BlueMail however it is recommended to add your account under the ActiveSync protocol since it provides more benefits such as advanced contact and calendar sync.

What is BlueMail for PC?

BlueMail is an application that helps you to efficiently organise and handle your various email accounts.

Best alternative for BlueMail


Thunderbird – This is a free application that supports all email and instant messaging platforms. Thunderbird makes you look forward to receiving and responding to your emails. 

K-9 Mail –

K-9 Mail is a great application that can serve as an alternative for BlueMail. Although BlueMail is more preferred K-9 Mail is smart, free and has a simple interface

Microsoft Office Outlook –

Microsoft Office Outlook as an application basically serves as your manager, it manages everything as regards email that concerns you, one less worry for you. Microsoft Office Outlook takes charge of your email business.


BlueMail for PC is popular and important to quite a considerable number of people who have tried it and are extremely pleased with it, Virtually all BlueMail reviews online are positive and the few negative ones are technical complaints that have absolutely nothing to do with the usability and reliability of the app. We hope you were able to understand from this article that BlueMail is the manager you need for your email accounts.

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