Case clicker for PC (Windows) & Android

Case clicker for PC game is a combination of the CS case simulator with a clicker. The game was created and published by Hawk games. In the game, you click and open cases to find rewards, play mini-games, trade with friends etc. The game was released by its creators into the app market on September 2, 2016. The game is filled with a ton of activities that would entertain and excite the players

App NameCase clicker
Operating SystemAndroid
App PriceFreemium
How to Use it on PCBy Emulator

Key Features 

  • Great graphics and very easy gameplay
  •  The game is entertaining and mind tasking
  • Lots of mini-games and achievements 
  • Custom case creator
  • Trading method for trading with other players within the game
  • Constantly updated to provide more fun and entertainment


  • Very exciting and interesting
  • Great graphics and interface
  • Lots of mini games and achievements 
  • Items can be upgraded
  • Rank and private rank system
  • Mission system
  • Souvenir system 
  • The game constantly updated to provide more fun


  • Highly addictive 
  • Time-consuming

Main features of the Case clicker

1. Easy to play

You do not need any technical knowledge to play this game. All you need to do is pick a case and reveal the content within. It is that easy. 

2. Lots of upgrades

The game offers a lot of upgrade on different levels. Within the game, there are over 300 upgrades to be unlocked, over 1000 achievable skin, and over 1300 stickers, and almost 80 collectable pins and gloves. 

3. Mission system and souvenir system 

The game is mission-oriented. The aim per time is to successfully complete missions. When a mission is completed, the player advances to the next level. After a completed mission, you can earn souvenirs as rewards. 

4. Capsules with stickers 

As you play the game, you would uncover Capsules and stickers which can contain bonuses, items for sale, a souvenir, or a collection item. 

5. Ranking system

The game has an awesome ranking system. Beginners start at the silver ranking and climb all the way to the top by completing tasks, buying keys and opening cases. Over time you would climb up to the elite rank where the top performers belong. 

6. Lots of achievements 

The game is an achievement-based game. There are over 150 achievements that can be attained within the game. Each achievement comes packed with different cases, a different number of keys, features, and jackpot. 

7. Jackpot and  trading system

The game offers jackpots that you can claim on a daily basis, and at other random times. The trading system is a pretty fun feature that makes the game exciting. You can put up different items for sale on the game market. All you have to do is place your price tag and watch as your item is advertised on the market. Interested buyers would indicate interest in the item. You are more likely to attract more buyers if the item you’ve placed on sale is a rare one or a limited edition. 

8. Good graphics

the game offers incredibly good 3D graphics. The images and objects perfectly mirror real-life equivalents. You can also alter items by adding skins and stickers to make them look more attractive to buyers. 

Installing and playing case clicker on PC

Case clicker for PC game is an android application that cannot be directly installed on a PC. But it can be installed on a PC using an android emulator, preferably Bluestacks. To install the game on PCs, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Download and install the blue stacks android app emulator. 
  2. Launch the application and complete the one-time set-up
  3. Check for the search bar on the right corner of the app and type in “case clicker”. 
  4. Click on the case clicker icon and install it from Goggle play. 
  5. When the installation is complete, go to the “My apps” tab and click on the case clicker icon to launch it
  6. Now you can play the case clicker game on your PC. 

How to play the case clicker game

Once the game is launched, you can start immediately by clicking the start button. 

Once within the game, you can pick a case by clicking on it.

Each case comes with a mission to be completed. 

When these missions are completed, you get some rewards in the form of jackpots, stickers, and the likes. 

Using the market place can be very profitable. You can buy and also sell on the game’s market. 


Case clicker for PC has a record of over 1 million downloads on the play store. This is a pointer to how interesting and engaging the game is. If you are a lover of games, then this one is certainly worth giving a try.  The different features and competitive nature of the game it more fun to play. 

Alternatives to case clicker 

Click heroes

Clicker Heroes is a game where you click and tap on monsters to kill them. When you kill a monster you get access to their gold with which you can upgrade your hero, weapons, and also purchase new heroes or weapons. 

Cookie clicker

Cookie clicker is a click game built around a baker who has to grow his baking business and send his cookies around the world. The game offers a lot of rewards and bonuses

Cookie collector 2

Cookie collector 2 is similar to cookie clicker. In this game, you have to click on different parts of your screen to produce your cookies, sell them and grow your business. 

Kitty cat clicker

This is a game for all the cat lovers out there. This is a clicker game where the major objective is to feed and nurture the cat queen. To do this you would need to employ cats that would help feed the queen. Over time you will get to employ better cats or upgrade your cats. 

All these games can be installed using the blue stacks android emulator on PC. 

Frequently asked questions about case clicker

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can face clicker be installed on PC? 

yes it can be installed using an android app emulator, like blue stacks

2. Why do I have to wait 12 hours before I can load saved back up? 

This is a tactic utilized by the creators of the game to ease the stress on their servers and ensure game effectiveness and efficiency 

3. How often can I get jackpots? 

you can get jackpots on a regular basis, sometimes when you complete missions and as a daily reward

4. Can I change my profile picture in jackpot? 

no, you can’t change your profile picture even if you log in with Goggle. 

5. How do I get the old huntsman weapon and the Howling Dawn sticker? 

You can get them through match betting, by trading in the market, or from jackpots


TheCase clicker for PC is a perfect fit for any lover of clicker apps. The amount of activity it offers is all you would need to engage your mind and equally entertain yourself in your spare time.

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