Droid VPN Premium for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Droid VPN Premium for PC is an application built to run on Android devices. It was created and published by the Philippines based company Droid VPN incorporated. The app can be used to unblock all kinds of regional internet checks and limitations. With the app, you can also browse the web in anonymity. The app is endued with tons of awesome features that would turn your internet experience into a marvel. 

Price:  The pricing for the premium version comes in four different subscriptions:
$4.99 monthly fee
$13.99 quarterly (three months) fee
23.95 semi-annual (six months) fee
35.88 annual fee 

App NameDroid VPN (Premium)
Operating SystemAndroid
App PricePremium
How to Use it on PCBy Emulator

Key features 

  • The simple and minimalistic interface makes the app easy to use. 
  • Offers browser anonymity when surfing the internet 
  • Provides tons of settings for VPN connections, proxy, HTTP, amidst a host of other things
  • Offers speedy connections 
  • Tunnels your traffic through internet control message protocol (ICMP) 

Application rating

The Android VPN premium app offers good performance and based on its functionality.


  • Premium pricing is quite affordable 
  • Has an almost impeccable performance record (for the Android version) 
  • Offers great speed on mobile
  • Thoroughly designed and easy to use
  • Access to all available servers (with at least once in every continent) 
  •  access to torrent servers 
  • Anonymity when surfing the internet 
  • Can bypass firewalls easily 


  • Doesn’t offer live support
  • Keeps connection logs and some other important pieces of information
  • Doesn’t accept payments from anonymous sources
  • Cannot handle illegal torrenting
  • Cannot allow multiple devices login
  • Not a good option for streaming heavy sites like Netflix 

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Main features of the software 

Simple interface

Droid VPN Premium for PC has a simple and minimalistic interface that is very easy to master and operate. There are no tricks to learn. All you need to do is get on the app and there is the interface easy and ready to use. 

Browser anonymity

The VPN app offers browser anonymity. When this VPN is connected, you can surf the web undetected. All of your personal and sensitive information would be shielded away as you surf the web. It would not show that you visited any website and neither will it show that you log into any accounts on line. All your activities and personal information would remain confidential. With the Droid VPN premium, you can unblock websites, bypass firewalls, and different kinds of regional checks and filters.

Server access 

You have access to all available servers. You can access at least one server in each continent of the world. This makes it easy for you to access different IP addresses from around the world. You also have access to all torrent servers. 

Performance Speed 

Browsing speed on your devices is greatly enhanced. Once the VPN is active, you can stream from sites like You Tube, download and upload at a much faster speed. 

Unlimited bandwidth 

The application offers unlimited bandwidth. This means there is no limit to the amount of data that can be sent. 

installing  and using the Droid VPN Application on PC 


This application is an Android app and cannot be installed directly on a system. However, there are ways in which this can be achieved. Following the steps listed below, one can install and use the application on their PC. 

Installation procedure

  1.  Download and install the blue stacks android  emulator on your PC 
  2. Finish the one time set up
  3. Go to the search bar and type in Droid VPN 
  4. Install the application from the Google play store and wait for the installation to be completed. 
  5. Once the installation is completed, go to the “My apps” tab and click on the Droid VPN app icon. 
  6. Now you are ready to enjoy the Droid VPN premium app on your PC. 

How it works

The app is very easy to operate. When you enter the app you should do the following things :

  1. Open the application
  2. Allow all app permissions
  3. Create a premium account
  4. Sign in with your user name and password
  5. Set your network protocol appropriately 
  6. Enter the appropriate port number
  7. Save settings and connect


The Droid VPN premium is an appropriate app for anyone seeking a VPN application. With this application, you can enjoy a lot of features. Do you want to bypass internet checks, filters, and firewalls, then this is the perfect application for you. With this application, you can achieve web anonymity. So if this are the things you need, then go for the Droid VPN with your eyes closed. 

Best Alternative for Droid VPN premium 

If you are looking for alternatives to the Droid VPN premium application, then you can check out the applications on the list  below

Nord VPN 

If you want totally safe internet connector with safe anonymity, fast streaming with no restrictions, then Nord VPN is the one you seek. You can use up to six devices on one account and access to 24/7 assistance. 

Express VPN 

Express VPN offers you secure encryption, with no log activities. With the express VPN, you can get access to over 145 servers in 94 countries, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switches. 

Pure VPN 

The pure VPN offers over 2000 servers in 141 countries. It is compatible with over 20 device types and allows a maximum of 5 multiple logins. You have access to unlimited server switching, split tunnelling, and access to all servers. 

Air VPN 

with access to 15 high-performance servers, the Air VPN offers limitless maximum speed, and forward secrecy. The app allows the use of all protocols


There are HexaTech VPN you may like it too.

Frequently asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Droid VPN premium available on windows? 

Yes, it is. But the PC version is a total let-down. It is full of  slips and slops. It is better to use the Android version. 

2 Can you use the Droid VPN for free? 

Yes, you can with the trial version. But, this free version does not give access to all of the powerful features that the application offers. You can get access to this feature with a subscription starting as low as $4.99

3. Who can use the Droid VPN premium? 

Anybody can use the Droid VPN premium app. It is easy to use and is in no way complicated 

4. How do I make payments for the Droid VPN premium? 

Payments for the app can be made only through Pay Pal at the moment. The app does not receive payment from anonymous sources. 

5. Can I use my account on more than one device? 

No, you cannot. The app is built to only accommodate one device. 

6. Is the Droid VPN available on the ios and Mac platforms? 

Not at the moment. But the makers are currently working on bringing the app to those platforms. 


The Droid VPN Premium for PC is an excellent choice for anyone who intends to take advantage of top-grade VPN features and surf the net like a quick spirit.

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