FL Studio mobile app for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) Android

Fl studio mobile is an application that allows you to produce, record, develop, edit and save music multi-track projects and audio files on your Windows, iOS and Android to reach a higher level. Here, you can record, edit, mix and render any songs or music. Its recent Updates which is Version 3.2.78 allows cloud backup, cutting in groups for drum tracks.

              Initially, the app was released in June 2011 but the stable release was on March 2019. The app was developed by Image-line. The majors things available in the app include track editor, piano roll editor, step sequencer, keyboard and drum pad, instruments and effects. 

Price: Paid
Operating system: Windows, iOS, Android
Application Category: Music

Key features

  • –  Drum pads and the virtual piano keyboard are configurable and sortable
  • – There are lots of effects available to use when mixing
  • – The handles also are known as sliders enables playing of instruments
  • – The import and export of MIDI documents are possible.
  • – Recording of sounds and voiceover is possible in this app
  • – There is Step sequencer available for a quick percussion programming. 
  • – The drumming kit, samplers, beats, and synthesizers are of high value. 
  •  – The interface is flexible such that the screen layout can function with all screen resolutions and sizes ranging from phones to TV
  • – After saving songs, it can import/export to WAV, MP3 & MIDI
fl studio

The scoring for the app.

With the function of the app in terms of sound production and music as well as editing, it deserves the best rating and scores.


  • – Exportation to mp3 and wav is possible
  • – It gives high quality production 
  • – Many effects available for use during sound and music production
  • – The features are many for a mobile version
  • – When using the app, it’s quite fast


  • – In the trail, to reopen saved project is not possible.
  • – Some functions used to save do not work in the trail also 
  • – The installation process is long 
  • – The use of the app is not easy to understand. It takes time and demands through learning.
  • – The app cost a sum of $13 to buy it.
  • – It’s not easy to use the piano roll
fl studio

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How to install and use fl studio

It is necessary to note that the app can  run on any pc. It can work on window 8.1, 10 or later.You also need a free disk space and RAM of 4GB.

To download and  install fl studio mobile on your PC:

  • – Go to flstudio.com
  • – Click on the download button
  • – After you’ll see the different version, select fl studio 12 version, and download
  • – After installing the app, just double click on the file to open it
  • – Your PC will bring some security warning, just click YES and continue
  • – Continue clicking NEXT and agree to all terms. 
  • – After that click on “Install” to install finally and then start using it.
  •   How to start a new project on  FL studio mobile: 
  • – Click on New to open the new project dialog
  • –  Select and choose a tempo. There are various tempos to choose from.
  • – Select the Mode you want it in either Time Signature or Time division.
  • – Be creative and edit your project the way you want it
  • – Click on Save when done with the project, you can then send the content via email or your other file sharing apps.


FL Studio mobile is highly recommended for DJ, audio and music producers and even video producers. You can use it to make good high-quality productions anytime. There are lot more to explore looking at the features and functions it provides. Lovers of music should maximize the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions often asked based on the app in orde to get clarifications and information.

1. Can I reinstall the FL Mobile app on my new device without paying again?

     Yes you can!.This is however only possible when the installation is on the same operating system. Hence, you can reinstall purchased Apps. On the contrary, note that you can’t reinstall in another operating system without purchasing the app.

2. Can I sell, give away or transfer my FL Studio or Plugin license?

The End User License Agreement (Section 6)  does not allow license transfers.

3.Where can I download additional content for FL Studio Mobile? 

    You can download them from the instrument sharing thread ir rather still go to the App Shop.

4. How to register FL Studio Mobile to your Image-Line Account:

Open the App on your device and then click on  the HELP button. After that click Users & Support forums. It will then lead you to the Login / Account creation page and then you register the App to your Image-Line Account. After you are done registering, you will be takent to the FL Studio Mobile user forum.

Best Alternatives

fl studio

FL studio mobile app like every other apps has similar application that performs some of its function and possess it’s features. The following are similar applications to FL studio app:

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is compatible with  macOS and Windows. Ableton Live is an instrument for live performances. It can also be used for composing, recording, arranging, and mixing. It is mostly used by DJs because it has controls for beatmatching, crossfading, and other different effects.

To download and install is simple, just;

  • – Download the Live installer 
  • – Install it
  • – Authorize the app
  • – Install other additional content

PRO Tools

Pro Tools is a an  developed and released by Avid Technology It is also compatible with Windows and macOS. Basically, it’s used for creating and producing mucic It also does sound mixing, editing, recording and so on. 


Fl studio is worth it. There are many features and benefits it possesses, you just have to get creative during production in order to get the best. Go ahead and enjoy the app.

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