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Golf games for PC, unlike it’s ball oriented cousins, does not restrict itself to the standard terrain of fields it’s rather dynamic because it can be played on any terrain which is also needed for the game. Golf in itself is a wonderful sport and it is played on a system of 18 holes although it could be less for recreational purposes. Each hole on the field contains a starting box which is where the hole also starts from. This home is called the TEE BOX. It must also contain a putting green where the actual  hole or cup is locates which is 4¼ inches 11 centimeters in diameter.

Note that individual factors like grass length water ,rocks ,sand traps and bunkers of a landscape to name a few, influence the outcome of this game and each hole in itself is dynamic due to these wide factors in play

Golf club 2 for pc

The game is played by comparing the least amount of strokes between individuals which is called stroke play or alternatively, the lowest score on the most individual holes in a complete round by an individual or team which is called match play. Stroke play is seen more frequently however, and is used in professional golfing

Golf was originated in the 15th century in Scotland and modern golf was founded at the old course at St Andrews. The old course was the foundation for the 18 hole round which was created in the 18th century. The open championship was golf’s first tournament and it was called the fg zvc( also called the British open)which was premiered  in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1860.

Game designers, programmers and software engineers all love the sport which is golf and have simulated the sport in a game but of all these numerous games these are the five best  golf games for PC:

1. Golf club 2

Golf club 2 is the top pick on the market right now for the top golf game for PC and deservedly so because It boasts realistic graphics, modernized golfing for the next generation which is impressive, good network connectivity for online matches.

The game’s features a sleek career mode where the gamer works his way up to glory from mediocre status, claims rewards and rank upgrades. It also features online competitive matches where players are pitted against themselves. There can be up to four players and the winner gets to level up while attaining worldwide glory. 

The game even allows players to create an open world golf game where players can design their courses, set their own rules, alter tee box positions, and challenge their friends on their new world.

2. John Daly’s pro stroke golf

John Daly’s pro stroke golf for pc

John Daly’s prostroke golf is a close contender to golf club 2 and it comes with amazing features such as spectacular commentary from world renowned commentators which make it easy to get wrapped up in the game, first person node which savors the experience of the outside world by letting you line up your shots and sling away and ambient sounds such as birds chirping or leaves rustling about the golf course

The john Daly’s prostroke golf game also boasts of an amazing gameplay feature called the prostroke control system which allows gamers to wield the putter like never before, offering no performance barrier other than their own handling. However in this game mode there is no ranking and thus no leveling up which allows any person at anytime to pick up the game and play at their own convenience and includes a practice mode where players can home their skills and an online tournament mode as expected.

Interface: 10
Performance: 9.5
Features :9.5

The game has highly detailed 3D models and gameplay modes, wonderful textures and high resolution textures

3. Tiger Woods PGA tour 07

The tiger woods PGA tour  game had been underperforming as a golfing game but that year we saw a whole new revamp of the game. Tiger woods recovered the number one spot from Rory McIlroy and just like Tiger Woods, this game is equally promising with an increased roster of superstars such as the aforementioned duo, improved graphics and improvement of it’s strength which is game performance. This year’s installment of the game is sure to spark up gamer’s nostalgia and return the game to it’s glory days.

Interface: 8
Performance: 9

The game’s roster has been greatly customized to resemble actual stars, improved on graphics and included customization of apparel and accessories such as caps ,gloves and shoes which earns it it’s number 3 spot

4. Rory McIlroy PGA tour 

   The Rory McIlroy PGA tour game focuses on real life environmental factors such as the audience which if you look into, you will find either cheering, booing you or are expectant for your swing to enter the hole. Mosquitoes buzzing, your shoes getting wet in water, alligators in water are some of it’s environmental eye watering features powered by the frostbite 3 engine. It features a fierce arcade mode which each golf course more difficult than the last which challengers gamers and ensures fun experiences. It also includes an online tournament mode for players to compete just like it’s rival games. Rory McIlroy PGA tour game promises to be a game you always come back to for more.

Features: 8

The Rory McIlroy PGA tour game boasts of excellent gameplay, the most beautiful golf courses of it’s rivals, night club challenges and fast game play which makes it our number 4 on the list

5. Tiger Woods PGA tour 05

The Tiger Woods PGA tour game franchise has popped up on our list twice and deservedly so because this was the installment that revolutionized the game. Game designers worked a lot on this installment and the results are astonishing which is the ability to upgrade equipment and apparel in the pro shop and a stunning fast gameplay. It is a bit beaten when compared to the 07 version but that is to be expected. 

Interface: 8
Performance: 7
Features: 7

The game features a wide roster of licensed pros such as Tiger Woods, John Daly and Vigay Singh, challenges such as the emerald dragon challenge which is sure to pose difficult to pro gamers and classic golf courses such as St Andrews links and TPC at Sawgrass


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best played golf game for my PC

The most recently and widely played golf game is the Peter Jacobson’s golden tee golf. It has pretty fantastic ratings on Amazon which is 4.5 and ranks almost the most played golf games for 2019 based on collation of data from playpeter magazine and replay magazine.

 What is the best Tiger Woods golf game

  1. Tiger Woods PGA tour ‘07
  2. Tiger Woods PGA tour ’12: The masters
  3. Tiger Woods PGA tour ‘05
  4. Tiger Woods PGA tour ‘09

What are the most recent golf game

The most recent golf games are 

  1. EA sports: Tiger Woods PGA tour 2020
  2. The golf club 2019

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