Hi VPN for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) & Android

Hi VPN for PC is an application built to run on the Android operating system. The app is built to optimize user internet experience through its many custom features. The application grants the user access to and through different online checks and filters. It is an application that transforms your internet experience into a limitless delight. 

App NameHi VPN
Operating SystemAndroid
App PriceFree
How to Use it on PCBy Emulator
Hi vpn for PC

Key Features of VPN Defender

Key features 

  • An easy to use an app with an intuitive user interface 
  • Can bypass network restrictions
  • Fast and free
  • No additional permissions required
  • No need to register or log in
  • No traffic or time usage limit

Application rating

The hi VPN application offers a great range of features that makes it a very functional app. The performance rating of the app is well.


  • Free and unlimited VPN forever
  • Great speed on mobile devices
  • The simplistic and minimalist interface makes it easy to use
  • Can surf the Internet Anonymously
  •  bypasses firewalls easily
  • Good for streaming Netflix 
  • Access to servers all over the world.


  • Doesn’t offer live support
  • Bad privacy terms and issues
  • the app is ad infested

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Main features of the app

Simple interface

The application boasts a simple interface that makes it easy to understand and use. The interface is straight to the point and minimalistic.

Online anonymity and privacy

The Hi VPN for PC Application offers you the ability to surf the net in a total ghost mode. No traces would be left of your online activity. All passwords and personal data will not be recorded or collected by any site. With the app, you can slip past online check points,crack through fire falls, and also get access to restricted sites. 

Server access 

The VPN app offers access to servers all around the world. This makes it easy to connect to different regions and to different IP addresses worldwide. 

Performance Speed 

The performance speed of your device will be enhanced. With the VPN activated, you can stream from huge sites like Netflix and Disney+. You could do almost anything it is you want to do.

Free and unlimited

The application is absolutely free and unlimited and the developers intend to keep it that way forever.

installing and using the Hi VPN Application on PC 

This application is an Android app and cannot be installed directly on a system. However, there are ways in which this can be achieved. Following the steps listed below, one can install and use the application on their PC. 

Installation procedure

  1. Download and install the blue stacks android  emulator on your PC 
  2. Finish the one time set up
  3. Go to the search bar and type in Hi VPN 
  4. Install the application from the Goggle play store and wait for the installation to finish. 
  5. Once the installation is completed, go to the “My apps” tab and click on the Hi VPN app icon. 
  6. Now you are ready to enjoy the Hi VPN app on your PC. 

How it works

The app is very easy to operate. When you enter the app you should do the following things :

  1. Open the app
  2. Set your network protocol 
  3. Enter your port number
  4. Save settings and connect


Hi VPN for PC offers military-grade encryption and security for your device. With the Hi VPN, you can meet all immediate security, and privacy needs on your mobile. Going through incognito. The application is a smart choice for any user who is interested in taking some extra measures to ensure his data is protected. 

Frequently asked questionsb about the application 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hi VPN free? 

Yes, the Hi VPN application is free forever and the developers intend to keep it this way.

Is the Hi VPN available on PC? 

No, but you can use it on PC through the Bluestacks android app emulator.

Can I use the Hi VPN to stream Netflix? 

Yes, the Hi VPN can stream Netflix and other high-end sites without glitching. 

How do I update the HI VPN application? 

Just visit the play store in your Bluestacks emulator and update the app. 

Best Alternative for Hi VPN 

If the Hi VPN doesn’t really suit your needs, and you want to try out other available options, the list below is a list of alternate apps that could sit in for the Hi VPN any day and any time. 

1. Droid VPN premium 

The Droid VPN premium is a good place to start. You can get access to servers on every continent (including torrent servers), unlimited bandwidth, full security for your personal data, browse the web anonymously, bypass firewalls and other kinds of internet restrictions. With a subscription starting at $4.99, you can use all of the premium features available on the app. 

2. Nord VPN 

The Nord VPN is a champion for streaming. So if that be your need then this VPN application would your every desire. It allows you to use six different devices on the same account. There is a 24/7 online assistance. With the Nord VPN, you can achieve anonymity on the web and also secure your personal information. 

3. Pure VPN 

With over 2000 servers in 141 countries, and compatible with over 20 device types, the pure VPN is another option you can look to. It allows a maximum of 5 multiple logins and gives unlimited access to server switching and split tunnelling. You can also access all servers available.

4. Express VPN

The Express VPN offers access to over 145 servers in 90 countries. You can get good encryption with all your data securely kept. You can also browse the web in anonymity. With the express VPN, you can access very high spread on your devices and also stream. 


Hi VPN for PC is a perfect choice for anyone who seeks to reap the immediate joys of using a VPN application. With this VPN app on you cannot go wrong. You can be certain that your device is safe and secure. Go break a firewall.

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