i calendar for PC (Windows) & IOS

The i calendar for PC is the perfect calendar application for android devices. It was created and published by oranges camera studio. The app hosts a simplistic and intuitively usable interface. You can enter and track events quickly without much effort. The app was released into the app market on February 8, 2018. It is a fast and powerful tool for organizing and monitoring your schedule.

App Namei calendar
Operating SystemIOS
App PriceFree
How to Use it on PCBy Emulator

Key Features

The beautiful and straightforward interface makes the user experience smooth

  • Simple, productive and powerful 
  • Custom colour coding makes it easy to differentiate and tag events
  • Works seamlessly with the phone calendar app
  • Supports drag and drop functions
  • Can create lists

Application Rating

The powerful and effective functions of the i calendar app makes it a very great option in its category, thus giving it a good rating. 


  • Can be accessed without cellular network 
  • Minimalistic and straight to the point
  • Custom colour function
  • Intuitive and smart
  • Can integrate with normal phone calendar. 


There are no serious complains about this app and it’s functionality yet. 

Main features of the application 

Easy to use

The application is straightforward and easy to use. All you have to do is get on the app and you would know what to do. There are no complicated functions. The app is just down to earth and ready to use. 


The app syncs perfectly with the regular phone calendar, importing all of the events that are available on that calendar. 

Intuitive interface 

The interface is simplistic and easy to understand. The design gives the application a simple but beautiful look that is attractive to the eyes. The interface is also easy to navigate. Just a few moments in the app and you are already used to the interface, and know what to do.

Can create lists

You can create different lists within the app to group your events in types. These lists all have different colour tags by which they can be identified. This makes it easy to arrange different events, monitor them,and identify them.

Fast and powerful 

The application is fast and powerful. It loads incredibly fast without consuming the device memory. It carries out its function in a rather powerful manner, without any lagging. 

Regular updates 

The app is regularly updated with new features to suit new phone makes, new operating systems, or upgrade to existing operating systems. The app is ever-evolving into a better version of itself every day. 

Installing and using the i calendar app on PC


The i calendar app is not directly available for users on PC but can be installed using an android application emulator, preferably Bluestacks. 

Installation procedure 

  1. Download and install the Bluestacks android emulator on your PC 
  2. Launch the Bluestacks application after installation and finish up the one-time set-up 
  3. After this, head to the search bar in  the top right corner of the app and type in “i calendar” 
  4. Click the icon and install the app from Goggle play
  5. When the installation is finished, go to the “My apps” tab and click on the I calendar icon to launch the app
  6. Now the app is ready for use on your PCP. 

how the app works 

  1. Launch the i calendar app
  2. Pick a date
  3. Make an event entry
  4. Add all needed information and cross-check. 
  5. Click done to finish up
  6.  And you are done 


The i calendar application is a great calendar app. It is simple and yet very powerful. One cannot go wrong in making a choice of this application. It does what it says it would in a very simple and straight forward way. Any one looking for a simple, minimalistic, yet intuitive and powerful calendar application should look no further.this is the perfect app.

Frequently asked questions about i calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application available on Windows PC? 

No, but you can install it on your computer using Bluestacks android emulator. 

Does i calendar need cellular data to work? 

No, the calendar works with or without cellular data. Whether you are online or offline, you would still be able to create events, view and edit your current events.

Can this calendar sync with device calendar? 

Yes, when installed, i calendar syncs with all other calendar apps on your device. 

Alternatives to i calendar 

If you are looking for alternative applications that you could use in place of the i calendar application, then below is a list of the choicest applications that you could try out

Goggle calendar

This is Goggle’s own calendar application. It is a smart app that syncs your events across multiple devices. Picks events from Gmail, and from any other calendar app. It is very intuitive and good for creating to-do lists and schedules. With this app, you can stay on your toes. 

Digi cal calendar

Digi cal calendar is a very flexible and easy-to-use calendar application that allows you to create events and schedule them. You can set different reminders and even share events with family 

Business calendar

This application is a business-oriented calendar that you can use to create events and schedules for your business. You can manage your time and plan more effectively. Get reminders about all those important meetings. You don’t have to remember any more. The app would remind you. 

a calendar 

This application us an easy to use calendar that allows you to create and customize your own events within the application. You can schedule events and also monitor and manage your time with this calendar app. You can also share your events and schedule with your friends and family in one click. 


Using the i calendar for PC is a great advantage. The simplicity it offers is next to none. With this app, you can get a hold of your time and manage your business and personal engagements. Your schedule is in safe hands, as long as its the i calendar

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