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Kasa app for Android is built to allows you to add, configure, monitor and control all your TP-LINK smart home devices from wherever you are in the world. The app was created by TP-LINK Research America. You can schedule your appliances to turn your appliances on or off in line with your schedule. The app was officially released into the app market on November 7, 2015. The app is built to make your life and living easy when it comes to controlling your application.

Price: Free but contains in-app purchases 
Operating system: Android 
Category: lifestyle

Key Features 

  • The application is easy to use and set up
  • Offers away mode where you can control your appliances from wherever you are in the world 
  • Allows you to group appliances so they can be controlled together
  • Can create schedules for appliances to turn on and off as at when due
  • The application is smart and intuitive and 
  • You can control all your devices from one place. 
  • Works well with voice prompts from the Google assistant and Alexia. 


  • Works across multiple devices and operating systems 
  • Works with different virtual assistants
  • Easy to set up
  • Away mode is a plus 
  • Can control appliances from anywhere 


  • Can’t handle a lot of activities at a time. 
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Main features of the Kasa app

Simple and beautiful interface 

the application has a simple and beautiful interface. it is easy to understand how the app works just by looking at its interface. The functions are basic and easy to understand. 

1. Easy to use and set up

The application is very easy to set up and use. Adding, deleting, configuring, and monitoring devices are very simple steps that can be carried out the app without any difficulty.

2. Away bmode

The application offers away mode which gives the impression you are at home, even though you are not. When away mode is activated, your appliances would come on and go off at intervals, creating the illusion that you are at home. This feature is very useful as it can keep the home secure from burglars when you are away from home. 

3. Voice prompt

the application allows you to control your appliances using voice prompts. It syncs perfectly with the Google Assistant on Android, Alexia on Amazon, Siri on i phone and a host of other home devices. 

4. Autonomy 

you can control all your appliances from the same place at the same time. This erases the stress of having to move from one part of the house to the other to turn appliances on or off. 

5. Anywhere control

you can control your appliances from wherever you are in the world. The distance is not a limitation to what you can do. In the case of emergencies, you can control your appliances right where you are. 

6. Schedule function

the app allows you to schedule the activities of your appliances. You can schedule when your lights would come on in the morning and when they would go off at night. With the schedule function, you can key your appliances to come on as at when due without any action on your part. 

7. Grouping

the app allows you to create different groups for your devices. With this function, you can group different appliances together and control them simultaneously. This lessens the workload on you as an individual. 

8. Smart response

the app is built to be very smart and intuitive. It can sync with different apps in its category e.g. Google home. You can set timers for your appliances to come on or go off. 

‎Kasa Smart
‎Kasa Smart
Kasa Smart
Kasa Smart
Price: Free
  • Kasa Smart Screenshot
  • Kasa Smart Screenshot
  • Kasa Smart Screenshot
  • Kasa Smart Screenshot
  • Kasa Smart Screenshot

Installing and using the application on PC 

Although the Kasa app is not directly available on PC, you can install it using the blue stacks Android app emulator. 

How to install 

  1. Download and run the Bluestacks setup on your PC. 
  2. When the installation is completed, launch the Bluestacks software and complete the one-time setup
  3. Go to the search bar on the top far right and type in ” Kasa app” 
  4. Click on the Kasa icon and install it from Google play. 
  5. After installation, go to the “My apps” tab and click on the Kasa icon to launch the application. 
  6. The application is now ready for use on your PC 

How to use the Kasa app

  1. Launch the Kasa app and allow all permissions
  2. Enter your account details and complete the setup
  3. Add appliances that you want to control from the app.


The Kasa app is a great option for anyone who wants to control home devices and appliances. The different and powerful functions and options that the application brings on the table is enough reason for anyone at all to consider using the app. 

Alternatives to the Kasa app

The Kasa app is a good device to run your appliances at home. But if you are interested in finding out alternative apps that can replace Kasa, then below is a list of apps that can take its place

Google Home 

Google Home is Goggle application for controlling all your Google Home devices including your Chrome-cast and other home appliances like lights, cameras, thermostats etc. It offers you varied options with your appliances, especially your media devices. 


With this singular app, you can integrate all your home devices and appliances all in one app. With this app, you can make your home come alive. Yonomi works with a hundred smart home devices. This makes it a cool choice. 


The IFTTT application allows you to connect to various home devices and work with everything at the same time. You can use the IFTTT application can be used to control devices both at home and at work. 

All the following apps can be installed on your PC using the same procedure listed above for the Kasa app. 

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Frequently asked questions about the Kasa app

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I control the smart devices remotely? 

To control the device remotely, you would need a cloud account. It is advisable to open one when you install the app. 

Do I need to have a cloud account to use the Kasa app? 

Yes, you need a cloud account to use the Kasa app effectively 

How does the away mode work? 

The away mode creates the illusion that you are at home when you are not. Your appliances would switch on and off at intervals to create that impression for those viewing from the outside. 

Can the Kasa app work on PC? 

Yes, with an android emulator like blue stacks pre-installed, you can run the Android version of Kasa on your system. 

Can Kasa work without cellular data? 

No, Kasa needs the internet to work at its best. Without an internet connection, you cannot control your appliances or use voice prompts. 


Kasa app for Android is a good application to make you feel at ease in your home. With the application, you can control your home in clicks.

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