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Earlier versions of MainStage (specifically MainStage 3) include MainStage introduced in 2007, followed by MainStage 2 before the final release of MainStage 3 on the 16th of July in 2013. MainStage 3 is a music-based application designed by Apple.

It transforms your PC and makes it an instrument for a live performance, it permits practicing and processing vocals, playing back pre-recorded tracks and altering sounds It is generally recognized as the sister app of Logic Pro and it is prominently known for enhancing live performances and enriching the abilities of a musician. 

Price : Free 
Operating System : Mac 
Application Category : Music 

Key Features

  • i. It allows you to use the instrument of your choice.
  • ii. It allows you to tweak and alter sounds.
  • iii. It allows you to make quality audiotapes of your performances.
  • iv. A library of over 1800 tools.
  • v. Quick and simple set up.
  • vi. Easy hardware control.
  • i. It is free
  • ii. It is natural and simple to use
  • iii. It comprises lots of fantastic features
  • iv. It makes singing easier and more fun


  • i. It does a lot for live performances and could promote laziness
  • ii. Its use with a PC is possible but unofficial 

Download Link for Mac & iOS

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Main features of the App

Adept application 

MainStage effectively works with all gadgets, it displays its versatility by neither selecting nor rejecting devices which makes it user friendly.

Sound Alteration 

MainStage makes it possible for you to twitch, tweak and alter sounds to your satisfaction. It makes you an automatic producer, helping you develop sensitivity to sounds and waves.

Practical organization 

MainStage has a basic and practical organisation that makes its use and its contribution to your live performance valuable, a live performance with MainStage will most definitely be different from a live performance without MainStage because MainStage is a very impressive app. 

Song search

MainStage helps you to search for inspirational and beautiful songs that would enhance your musical prowess, challenge you and also keep you motivated.

Vocalist impute 

MainStage offers helpful inputs that can improve your vocal proficiency. MainStage is not just concerned about making your performance less stressful and more fun it also cares about you being a better vocalist. 


With MainStage app you can always playback any of your previously recorded track again and again, this will help you realise and correct mistakes, it will also help you keep songs that you probably wouldn’t have recorded if playback was impossible.

Creation of unique digital sound 

MainStage helps you to create a peculiar and unique digital sound, it sorts of give you a field and allows you to run free, sharpening your sense of creativity and helping you build your own style. 


How to download MainStage for PC using NOx App Player 

i. Firstly, download the NOx App Player
ii. After downloading the NOx App Player, download Process Launch 
iii. Next step is to log into a Google account
iv. Go to the search bar of your PC and type “MainStage for PC”
v. Select the result that has the MainStage for PC logo and click on download

How to install

i. After clicking on download, wait for a while and allow the establishment process to be completed 
ii. Dispatch application into the emulator
iii. Have fun with MainStage for PC

How to download and install MainStage for PC using iPadian 

i. If you don’t already have iPadian on your PC, you need to download it 
ii. Agree to the guide shown on the screen and dispatch the setup 
iii. Your Apple ID and password is needed to sign in
iv. Afterwards, open the iPadian and got the Apple store
v. Go to your search bar and search for the “MainStage App” 
vi. Click on the setup option and go back to the essential screen to see your application. Use your MainStage app through iPadian  

How to download MainStage for PC using BlueStacks Emulator

i. Download and install the BlueStack Emulator
ii. Sign in with a Google account to start the process
iii. Go to the search bar and search for the MainStage app
iv. Out of the many options you get, click on the one with the MainStage logo
v. Click on the “install” option 
vi. Wait for a while and allow the establishment process to be completed 
vii. Enjoy the MainStage App on your PC


I recommend MainStage for PC to every musician, aspiring or veteran. Also, MainStage is not limited to musically inclined people as music is known to enhance the brain power hence the need to have MainStage installed on your PC even if you have zero interest in being the next Michael Jackson or Madonna. Music helps to ease stress, Music makes your brain happy and MainStage makes music all the more better. 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is MainStage available for PC?

Designed by Apple Inc, MainStage is available for all Mac and iOS users to install directly from the Apple Store. Although not officially available for Windows PC an android emulator can easily facilitate the use of MainStage on PC and Windows laptop.

2. What is MainStage used for? 

MainStage is a recently introduced application created for live performances, It transforms your PC into a dynamic multi-instrument and effects processor that can be used on stage.   

3. How much RAM do you need for MainStage?

A new system with over 8GB RAM and an SSD will do just fine but if you intend to upgrade your old system, work on the RAM before worrying about an SSD.

4. What is needed to run MainStage? 

To play keyboard sounds with MainStage, After downloading and installing the MainStage app, you need a keyboard that can connect to Mac although current keyboards can be linked with just a USB cable, older keyboards that require a MIDI interface are highly recommended.

5. What does MainStage mean?

MainStage also mainstage is the biggest and most esteemed part of a theatre also very important to every production performed in the theatre. The greatest audience capacity at arts-related events is also usually referred to as the main stage.

6. To how many PCs can I install my MainStage App?

If the PCs app store is registered to the same person you can use the MainStage app with as many PCs as you like.

Best alternative for MainStage for PC

i. Garage Band –

This application also designed by Apple basically gives you your own recording studio and helps you to learn to play musical instruments. Garage Band works offline has an updated library of sounds that doesn’t leave out software musical tools. Garage Band is a fabulous music app that will significantly advance your musical progress.

ii. Carla –

Carla is listed in Windows Free Audio Toolbox and currently supports LASPDA as well as LRDF. Although JACK is its default and recognized audio driver, it also does well with native drivers like CoreAudio, DirectSound or ALSA. Carla automates parameters through MIDI CC and exercises total direction of OSC

iii. Cantabile –

Cantabile directs its affairs through MIDI, it helps you remember where to stop in your music task and helps you pick it back up, it has the ability to switch between songs and produce sounds that can be tweaked and used again. Cantabile is the office you need to make great music.


Overall, MainStage for PC is not only an app that would make your live performances more impressive and effective but exciting along the way as well as improve your vocal ability and raising the bar of your sound game to a whole new level. I hope the information provided about MainStage 3 answers the question you have about this excellent app, if there are however other questions you would like to ask kindly do this in the comment section.

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