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MyRadar App is a free, super quick and effective application that gives you all the information you need to know about the weather of your current location, It informs you of even the slightest change in weather, MyRadar is the kind of application that saves you from leaving home dry and returning drenched, it takes away the worry of having rain destroy plans made for outdoor events as it leaves nothing to chance.

MyRadar shows animated weather radar around your location with constant notifications that keep you updated and weather smart.

Price : FreeOperating
System : Windows, Mac
Application Category : Weather

Key Features

i. Easy to navigate
ii. Constant useful notifications
iii. NOAA weather alerts
iv. Accurate radar advice
v. Comprehensive hurricane tracker
vi. Share weather pictures 


i. Quick and easy to use
ii. Interesting animations
iii. Constant updates
iv. Super effective  
v. Nation’s best nationwide composite radar image supplied only by MyRadar.
vi. Aviation features 


i. Too frequent updates
ii. Too many pop-ups

my radar

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Main features of the App

Weather prediction

MyRadar predicts the weather in your current location by displaying animated weather around your current location, it tells you what to expect as far as weather is concerned. Basically, it keeps you prepared and unsurprised when the weather takes a drastic turn. A wrong weather forecast is generally not uncommon but with MyRadar it is.

Excellent Rain alarm technique

MyRadar alerts you as soon as it detects the slightest change in the weather hence saving you from being caught unawares and ending up drenched and disappointed. A lot of people enjoy and welcome rain, maybe watching it fall from the window or even walking in it, the rain is beautiful and the cool it brings makes it worth looking forward to, one major factor however that makes quite a number of people aversive to rain is the fact that it’s hard to accurately predict when it is and isn’t coming. MyRadar allays this fear because its rain alarm is never false. 

Great Visual effects 

my radar

MyRadar is not only effective and super impressive, it is also very interesting as its information is presented with great visual effects that makes you look forward to getting them because creativity which happens to be one of the most captivating phenomenons ever was involved in the designing of MyRadar we can’t help but be interested in what the weather is up to.


MyRadar supplies you with an every hour update of  how much precipitation you should expect. Precipitations seem mild but may prove to be a major cause of discomfort especially when it happens suddenly. MyRadar helps you to make the most of whatever the weather brings by supplying you with predictions and giving you time to prepare.


MyRadar raises alarm as soon as the possibility of global disasters like earthquake or wildfires is detected. What if someone living in the areas that have been previously struck by terrible earthquakes had MyRadar, maybe it would have been prevented or safety measures would have started earlier and lots of lives would have been saved, we can’t undo the past but we can do better now.

How to download and install the MyRadar App using the Nox App player

i. After downloading and installing the Nox App on your PC, log in to your Google account.
ii. Go to your search bar and search for “MyRadar” 
iii. Click on the search result that matches the description of MyRadar and download
iv. Wait for the download to be completed
v. Dispatch the app into the emulator and enjoy 

How to download and install the MyRadar for PC App using BlueStacks Emulator


i. Download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC if you don’t already have
ii. Launch BlueStacks from your PC and click on “MyApps”
iii. Go to your search bar and search for “MyRadar” 
iv. Click on the result with MyRadar symbol, download and install it
v. Sign into your Google account and let the installation process run its course 
vi. After installation, you’re good to go! 


If you’ve ever been disappointed at the turn the weather took at any point in time, MyRadar is the app for you, imagine wearing a hoodie because the morning was cold only to see the sun showing off its brightness all through the afternoon, what would you not give for a simple shirt or a tank top, now MyRadar app keeps you out of these unpleasant circumstances by updating you and helping you prepare for whatever the weather is set to bring hence my recommendation of this fantastic weather app.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyRadar App free? 

Yes, MyRadar App is not only the best weather app with over 35 million downloads, it is totally free.

How often does MyRadar App update? 

Radar images upload approximately every 10 minutes when in clear air mode and every six minutes in precipitation mode.

Best alternative for MyRadar

my radar

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast 

This is a famous weather-based application, free and extremely easy to use. It supplies predictions and gives advice on everything weather-related. Mechanized by the largest professional network in the world, WeatherBug – Weather Forecast is a quick and effective application that keeps you aware of the weather condition of your environment.


Weather is a reliable and free application that gives detailed information about the weather. It supplies you with reasons why you would love the weather daily, it notifies you of sunset, sunrise, change in temperature, rain and hurricane. It’s updates are also timely and accurate

NOAA Weather Radar

This is another weather application that allay your fears of having your outdoors events ruined by rain or having angry UV rays pierce even your soul as it informs you of even the slightest change in weather, It is absolutely free and speedy  


We really hope you find the above-provided information helpful and believe that MyRadar for PC is just what you need to be weather-ready and updated.

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