Periscope for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

This app is basically an app that gives the user the ability of getting to meet chat a relate with a lot of people around the globe. The app majorly aids broadcast through live video streaming around the world. See where news is breaking, follow trends, visit a new place or meet people from all sphere of life.

Price: Free
Operation system: PC
Application category: utility

Key features:

  • ·        The application gives leverage for live entertainment
  • ·        It’s an open door to explore the world through live videos
  • ·        It’s simple and fun to use.
  • ·        The application is in affiliation with Twitter.
  • · To start-up by seeing what everyone’s up to in periscope, simply click on the globe icon at the bottom of the app environment.


  • ·        Showcase your talent and broadcast to a large number of people
  • ·        It’s an avenue for live news updates.
  • ·        Gives room for learning from anywhere in the world
  • ·        You can decide if you want your broadcast to be public or private
  • ·        It has a lot of relationship with Twitter making it easy for Twitter users to relate with the periscope app.


  • ·        Obsession
  • ·        Data consuming
  • ·        When on live stream, mistakes cannot be amended.
  • ·        When on live broadcast you are open for criticism and might not like words or utterances made.
  • ·        Any error or blunder made on live stream is publicly sent and might trend on the internet with no way of stopping it.

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Main features of the app

Simple and easy

Just as stated earlier, the application has no difficulty in operation. All operation process is placed on the screen when on the app. The application is operated by first opening the app. You can use a Twitter, Google or Facebook account to use periscope on web.


This app could also be used on smartphones. It’s a really fun and interesting video blogging app. Practice language skills, gain mentors learn demos of activities you could never do, hear original music a musician as well as people we go want to share their experiences.

Steps to follow when using periscope on web

  • ·        At the top of the page select signup
  • ·        After signing up, a modal will appear. Click on create a new account.
  • ·        Either Google, Twitter or Facebook. Note that the account you choose will become your primary login method and this can’t be changed.
  • ·        Input your login credentials and sign into you selected account
  • ·        Choose a username and display name.
  • ·        Your account would be displayed and you’ll remain on the website home page, once authenticated.

These goes vice versa when using a phone number. Only difference is an SMS sent to you verifying and authenticating your account.


How to install

Instead of going through all web process. You download the app and get started. This is quite easy.

  • Search using your search engine or Google play store
  • Using your default browser:
  • Download Blue stacks
  • At the top of the Blue Stack software platform, you will see a search icon
  • Click on this search icon and enter your search keyword which in this case is ”periscope” and search.
  • The software website automatically tracks down an application that relates to that keyword on play store and brings it to you.
  • After confirming the search results, go ahead and click on the app
  • After clicking, the page will load and you will see an icon ”install”, tap on this icon and the application will be installed to your PC Once the application page loads, click on “install” to install the app on your PC.
  • Once the download and installation process is done, you can go ahead to start the game
  • Congratulations, you have downloaded and installed the app successfully and can now use it how you want to.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is a Periscope, what does it imply?

the name of this application is directly related to the functionality of the original periscope we are all very familiar with. it is a device that gives you a full and detailed view of a scape with little or minimal sight range and not so favourable height level.

2.      Can I start Livestream immediately?

Once you’ve authenticated your periscope account, you are legible and allowed to use it however    pleased, as long as rules permit.

3.      What happens when I Livestream a video?

you must be cautious of his or her Livestreams especially if you are currently using the application. Once you begin live stream, it appears live, as you’ll automatically recurve chats and loves etc. from your viewers. You decide if your streaming should be private, public or within selected viewers of your choice.

4.      What happens when u stop streaming?

When live streaming the app is automatically recording and creating a data of all your livestreams

And would be saved in your gallery once done from Livestreams. In other words, after all broadcasts the app would automatically save your broadcast on your device.

Best Alternative for the Periscope

Periscope for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) 1

1. Snagscope:

The snagscope app for PC is an explicit app. With great ratings from people around the word. It’s used for online chats video streaming or broadcast and amazing features.

installation of the alternative

  • ·        go to your preferred we browser, search out the BlueStacks software and download it
  • ·        with the search bar at the top of the software, type in your search keyword which in this case is ”snagscope” and click search
  • ·        after searching your keyword, the BlueStacks software will track down your application related to your keyword search on ply store
  • ·        when you have matched your desired app, click on it
  • ·        Once the application loads, you will see an icon that says ”install”, click on this to install the application to your PC page loads, click on “install” to install the app on your PC.
  • ·        Once you have completed this wo very important tasks, you can go ahead to launch the app and enjoy the experience

2. Haayi – Livestream video chat

This app is widely known for its special video chatting ability. Get a chance connect to the global social world while hooking up on what’s trending.

How to install

  • ·        Download BlueStacks
  • ·        Locate search bar at the top of the BlueStacks software windows
  • ·        Search for the key word “Haayi – Livestream video chat” and click enter
  • ·        The BlueStacks automatically searches the Google play store for application that match your key word.
  • ·        When on sight of the official Haayi – Livestream video chat software, click on the app.
  • ·        Once the application page loads, click on “install” to install the app on your PC.
  • ·        Once the download and installation process is complete, click on the app icon.
  • ·        Congratulations! As you have Successfully installed the Haayi – Livestream video chat.


The periscope app is one of a kind and worth usage. With its many brilliant features it opens you to see the world where ever you are.

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