PhotoMath for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

PhotoMath is a very impressive application created by MicroBlink a Croatian company that is dedicated to inventing machines that can be used on mobile phones. The first of its type, PhotoMath is the first ever camera calculator, all you have to do is focus the camera on the equation and let PhotoMath provide the solution, the fantastic thing about PhotoMath is that it doesn’t just give you the answer.

This rules out the fact that it encourages cheating because it gives you the step by step workings of your question in the most comprehensive manner ever. It won’t be an exaggeration to refer to PhotoMath as a Math teacher that teaches you pro bono. PhotoMath is not only useful for children but for adults also including parents and teachers. 

Price : Free
Operating System : Windows, Mac
Application Category : Education

Key Features 

  • i. Step by step workings
  • ii. 100% accurate
  • iii. Smart calculator
  • iv. Attractive interface
  • v. Absolutely free


i. It takes away your mathematical problems
ii. It helps you understand how the answer was gotten
iii. Highly preferred by users (Over 100 million downloads)
iv. No ads
v. No in-app purchases 


i. It promotes laziness 
ii. It gives just one solution to questions that have more than one solution

Photo math

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Main features of the game

Quick camera –

PhotoMath camera doesn’t take forever to load, it is very quick and doesn’t waste any time in running your equation through the system and providing a solution, it’s supply of answer is instant.

Accuracy –

PhotoMath doesn’t guess. Every answer PhotoMath gives is supplied by qualified and professional mathematicians whose calculations are still subject to a through and through review therefore making it impossible to get a solution that is less than 100% accurate.

Improvement –

PhotoMath doesn’t just supply the answer to your question and leaves you to wrack your brain about how the answer was gotten, because the purpose of this app is not just to take away your mathematical problems but also help you to be a better math solver it gives you a step by step process of how the final answer was gotten therefore improving your mathematical abilities. 

User friendly –

PhotoMath makes you want to understand Maths better because it is user friendly, has an attractive and simple interface that is easy to navigate. It takes the complexity that scares you in mathematics away and presents it in a simple and interesting way that makes you keep coming back to get more answers and in the process gain more understanding of maths.

Impressive technology –

PhotoMath is a spectacular advanced application that takes circumstances such as low light conditions and bad network situations into consideration. PhotoMath is able to see your math problem even in low light conditions and able to supply your solution even when there is no internet connection because it was created with such high-end technology which makes it all the more impressive. 

To download PhotoMath on your PC, you need an android emulator, you could check the internet for android emulators and download anyone of your choice. After download the android emulator, install it and run it on your PC, you can now follow the steps stated below to get PhotoMath on your PC

Photo math

How to download and install

i. Log in to your Google account from your android emulator 
ii. Using your search bar, look for “PhotoMath” 
iii. Click on install when you see your result
iv. Wait for it to install, open your PhotoMath and enjoy


PhotoMath won the 4FYN competition in Barcelona (4FYN is the largest startup competition on mobile technology and business models). PhotoMath has over a million downloads and was awarded by the Netexplo Forum for its significant contribution to education technology.

For parents who’s ever felt bad after seeing their children get a low score for a math problem they helped them with, PhotoMath is what you need to confidently help your children with their homework and be proud of their score.

PhotoMath can also prove to be a worthy challenge to teachers who want constantly want to improve and everybody else who ordinarily wouldn’t be interested in Maths.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use PhotoMath on PC?

Yes, you can, as a matter fact it makes the whole process a lot more as easier, as you are able to adopt a more comfortable sitting position while using a PC and you also have a larger screen alongside the use of your PC camera.

Is PhotoMath able to solve Word Problems?

PhotoMath caters to all your calculation needs however PhotoMath plus an upgraded and smarter version of PhotoMath has more explanatory solutions for complicated questions.

Does PhotoMath show workings?

PhotoMath doesn’t just want to solve your Math problems, it also wants you to get better at solving your own math problems so it does this by supplying the workings of your math problem in a super-comprehensive way.

 Is PhotoMath app safe?

PhotoMath does not offer any function that enhances social interaction, it can only be said to promote laziness in children as it helps them solve what they most likely would have correctly solved themselves if they knew they had no option meanwhile PhotoMath is a Mathematics based application and is only able to solve Math problems, no more no less. 

Who created PhotoMath?

MicroBlink, a Croatian company concerned with creating mobile instruments that makes work easier, just like a machine is the brain behind the creation of PhotoMath.

Is PhotoMath accurate?

You can count on the answers and workings provided by PhotoMath because behind all the solutions you get on PhotoMath is an efficient team of seasoned mathematicians and a thorough review system actively working to ensure that what you need is what you get.

Best alternative for PhotoMath

Photo math

i. MathPix Snip –

All you need to have MathPix Snip accurately attend to your Math problems is to provide a screen munch of the math problem.

ii. fxSolver –

This application solves your Math problems, edits equations and also helps you with graphical, scientific and mechanical problems.

iii. Cymath – Cymath,

specifically designed for high school students is an application that attends to your mathematical needs. It covers the high school syllabus and cuts across different areas of mathematics, presenting the solutions to your math problems in a step by step process for easy comprehension.

iv. Symbolab Math Solver :

All your math problems from calculus to trigonometry to algebra and quadratic equations are broken down and explained to you in the most basic way possible. 


PhotoMath is easy to use, free and amazing, a very useful solution to Math related problems to people of all ages, you don’t have to be a math student or teacher to use PhotoMath because it works for simple money calculations the same way it works for complicated and advanced mathematical equations.

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