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if you are a fan of movies, reality TV shows, and the likes, then having an app that brings you your favourite shows and TV channels in the comfort of your home and even on the go. The Roku for PC is an application that brings you your favourite shows and channels as well as a lot of other features such as private listening for optimum user experience.

Price: Free
Operating System: Android and IOS
Application Category: Entertainment

Key Features

  • • favorite shows and movies can be searched on the app
  • •    app features keyboard and voice for searching shows and music
  • •    headphones can be connected for a better listening experience
  • •    contents gotten from the app can be cast on your television for more people to join.
  • •    it is available for use on both android and IOS operating 
  • •    you can control its operations from the comfort of your 


  • voice or keyboard search can be used to find entertainment content on the app.
  • extensively rich with free movie channels to enjoy.
  • channels can be streamed anytime and anywhere
  • user friendly, easy to set u and use.
  • download is free.


  •    It only supports HDR-10 and not Dolby vision HDR.
  •    The voice control is not so strong compared to other streaming devices.

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Main features of the app

1. Private listening

This feature allows you to stream listening audio as loud as you want with the use of headphones so as not to disturb people around.

2. Screensaver and themes

User can create a screen saver for the TV right from the mobile app. It also allows editing of the images

3. Search with keyboard or voice

It also allows user to search for entertainment with the use of a user-friendly keyboard or voice search depending on the choice of the user.

Access to free shows 

The app gives the user access to watch and stream movies and TV shows on the smartphone and it is completely free.


How to Install and use the Roku app

The app is very interesting and attractive and can be used on a PC as well as other devices. With this, the information on how to install and be able to use the app remains of utmost importance.

How to install the application?

i. with your web browser, search out bluestacks, and install
ii.    complete the setup for the bluestacks
iii.    via the bluestacks software, search out the application keyword 
iv.    click on the application searched but by the software
v.    follows the download option and install the application 
vi.    you are done downloading and can now enjoy using the application.

How to optimally use the application

The application is very easy to use. With just as little as a few task, you can setup the app to suit your preferences and search out your favourite shows and channels with the voice search or keyboard search. 


Every now and then, there is that favourite show that you just hate to miss. With this app, you can keep track of your favourite shows and watch I from anywhere you are. From killing boredom to keeping up to date with your favourite shows, it has got all

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I control my Roku streaming device with my smartphone?

When you open the Roku mobile app, select the control icon from the bottom of the navigation bar to access the remote. Clicking any button will give the same response as it would when be using the remote.

2.    How do I activate private listening?

For the activation of private listening, open the Roku app and plug in your earphones or headset. Once this is done, tap on the headset icon to activate private listening

3.    How do I use screen mirroring with my android device?

To make use of the screen mirroring function with your android device, you must set it on your device initially and then request a connection to your Roku device. Once this is done, you will then be able to see tour mobile screen on the TV and control it as well.

4.    How do I display the videos, images and audio on the TV using the mobile app?

This can be done using Roku play. Roku play is a feature in the Roku mobile app that allows the user to share files with the TV screen, after launching the app and connecting to the TV, choose what to view from your device and it will appear on your TV.

Best Alternatives 

If there is something else you need or you have some other requirements that the Roku app does not give, you can opt for an alternative . an example of this is the Hulu App


Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming apps. It has most blockbuster and big time premiers and movies. Unlike Roku app, Netflix is not free to use as it is open only to subscribers. This app portrays original content through their electronic devices. After subscribing to Netflix, you would be given your login details that is exclusive to your use only although it can be shared with family and friends.

 Download and installation:

I.    on your web browser, type out “download word farm cross”
ii.    A link would pop up that will redirect you to Netflix. This is how the link should look like.
iii.   Click on the link and follow the directions to complete the download and installation.


This is another alternative for Roku App that lets you stream videos online directly to their smartphones and other electronic devices. This app brings you a wonderful streaming experience with quality sound and HD visuals. It can also sync to your devices and play on your television.

Download and Installation:

I.    via your web browser, search and install bluestacks and complete the setup process. 
ii.    via the bluestacks software, search out the app via the app keywords
iii.    click he icon and follow download then install
iv.    after the installation, you can now stream directly to your device


If you’re someone who really wants to keep in touch with your entertainment anywhere, be it at work, school or on a trip, the Roku for PC is a must get for you.

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