Trinus Virtual Reality for PC (Windows) & Android

Trinus Virtual Reality for PC is an application that makes it possible for you to enjoy the virtual reality experience with your android phone, it does this by facilitating the use of your android phone as a virtual reality enabled tool for your PC game through the sensors of your phone.

Basically, it serves as a link between your mobile phone and your PC while presenting the games on your PC in 3D allowing you to enjoy your favorite PC games including the non-VR games in virtual reality.

App NameTrinus Virtual Reality
Operating SystemAndroid, PC, Mac
App PriceFree
Application CategorySoftware

Key Features : 

i. Works with diverse kinds of headsets including Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Homido, Dirovis dive, FreeFly, VR One, Daydream, Sony PSVR, Oculus rift, HTC vive. 
ii. Wireless game experience.
iii. Unlimited fun experience.
iv. No time restrictions.
v. Corresponds with PC games: Overwatch, Minecraft, Call of duty, Dangerous, Elite, G.T.A e.t.c.
vi. Except for a few games that require additional equipment, there is no need to buy hardware.


i. Easy to use.
ii. Makes PC games more enjoyable.
iii. Super cheap.
iv. Works with all PC games.
v. Compatible with all kinds of headsets.


i. Obessesive and addictive effects.
ii. Useful only for game lovers and players.

Direct Download Link for Android

Main features of the game


1. Connection 

Trinus VR serves as the major means of connection between your android phone and your PC and it does this efficiently with a USB cable to ensure young have a fantastic game experience  

2. Compatibility 

Trinus VR is compatible with all PC games and diverse kinds of headsets from Google cardboard to Daydream, Homido e.t.c making it super easy to access and use.

3. Time restrictions 

Unlimited enjoyment is offered with no time restrictions, Trinus VR gives the VR experience in a full, smooth and steady way.

4. Wide range of content 

Trinus VR is able to access a wide range of content hereby not limiting your choice of games or style of playing.

Download it from PlayStore

How to Install and use Trinus VR with your PC

The installation process of Trinus VR is quite simple neither is any spectacular set up process required to commence utilization. The step by step process are as follows :

How to download?

* Go to This Link for Download

* Scroll down and click on download 

How to Install?

i. Download the Trinus VR application
ii. Tap on the program to commence 
iii. Click on the install option
iv. Open the program and connect your android phone with your PC using a USB chord
v. Grant your permission to the requests made by the application to wrap up the installation process
vi. Trinus VR has been successfully installed

How to Utilize

i. Get any headset of your choice Google Cardboard, Homido, FreeFly, VR One e.t.c
ii. Connect your android phone to your PC using a USB Chord
iii.  Go to your phone settings and turn on the USB tethering 
iv.  Authorise the Trinus VR server on your PC and on your amdroid phone 
v. Enjoy the smooth virtual reality experience Trinus VR provides


If you are a lover of games, I absolutely recommend the Trinus VR as it not only makes your PC games more enjoyable and fantastic but also enhances your imaginative abilities which in turn boosts your brain as well as broaden your perception. Trinus VR helps you have fun and makes you smarter, it would however be a wise decision to have in mind the importance of moderation in order to avoid counter productivity as you could easily get obsessed or addicted.

Best Alternatives Trinus Virtual Reality

i. ALVR – Air Light Virtual Reality 

ALVR is licensed for free and supported by windows, Android, Android Tablet, Gear VR and Daydream, it provides optimization for Gear VR. Unlike Trinus VR it is quite selective.

To download 

  1. Go to ALVR releases page at GitHub.
  2. Click on the ALVR-vX. X ZIP file in the latest version section and save.
  3. Open the folder when download is complete and click extract
  4. Extract the folder and double click the ALVR folder to launch it.

ii. Intugame VR –

Intugame directs the game on your PC to your smartphone and present it in 3D, All you have to do is connect your smartphone to your VR headset and Intugame handles the rest.

To download 

  1. Type “how to download Intugame for PC on the search bar of your PC”.
  2. Click on and download.

iii. VRidge –

VRidge helps you to have the whole Virtual Reality experience with your android phone by turning it into a magnificent VR screen with WiFi as an enabling agent.

To download 

  • Go to

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Trinus? Trinus is a super affordable means of enjoying the full Virtual Reality experience with your PC games, Through the use of the sensors on your phone Trinus VR connects your phone to your PC making all your games come alive! 

2. How does Trinus VR work? After connecting your android phone to your PC with a USB link and selecting a head mount of your choice Trinus VR enlivens your PC games by producing a 3D effect that would otherwise not be possible except by another medium of VR.

3. Is Trinus VR good? Not only does Trinus VR provide excellent service, it is super affordable and user friendly 

4. Is Trinus VR free? After an indefinite free trial, an affordable fee of $14 is paid to purchase a copy of the Trinus VR apk for PC 

5. Can I use Trinus VR without my PC connected to any network? If your PC can create the Trinus hotspot, you can use it or connect via a USB which guarantees a faster and effective connection, unlike a wireless connection that is usually slow and less effective.


Trinus Virtual Reality for PC is certainly an interesting way to enjoy the Virtual Reality Experience with very little cost and stress, plus it is exciting and keeps your brain active.

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