Word Swag for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Word Swag for PC is a text editor created and published by Oringe Incorporated. It is an application that is used to add text to pictures. With word swags you can create amazing graphics and shareable images for your business, or just for the fun of it. The application was released into the market on May 27, 2013. It is a standard text editor that can be used to create magical photos and images. 

App NameWord Swag
Operating SystemAndroid
App Price$4.49
How to Use it on PCBy Emulator

Key Features of VPN Defender

Key features 

  •  includes tons of word captions to inspire you 
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Different types of fonts and text effect available. 
  • Easily share your designs to different social media platforms. 
  • Access to tons of royalty free images on pixaby
  • Beautiful image filters


  • The app offers a lot of functions 
  • It offers a lot of options and variety when it comes to backgrounds, font types, and effects
  • Tons of inspiration from within the app
  • Consistent improvements from the app developer 


Apart from bugs that have to be fixed from time to time, there is really no negative comments about the app. 

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Main features of the application 

Simple interface

The application has a very simplistic and intuitive interface that is very easy to use and  to understand. 

Stock images

The application is connected to pixaby, where you can access tons of royalty free images. There is always an image to use for any kind of design, and any kind of concept that you may want to portray. 

Font types

The word swag app boasts a lot of font types that can be used to achieve different aesthetics effects. The app allows you communicate to your audience using the right and appropriate fonts.The font types are Professional grade and are usually improved on with every update. 

Easy share function

You can share your pictures from within the application to almost any social media platform of your choice. This makes it easy to distribute or share your image to different platforms.

Word captions

Even if you do not know exactly what you want to say, you can get inspired from within the app. There are tons of inspiring captions that you could use or twig to fit your taste. 

Constant improvement 

The app is being improved constantly and new features are being  made available from time to time. The older features are also improved also. More and more relevant features are getting added to the app with every update. This means you get more value for your one time fee.

Installing and using the app on PC


The word swag app is not directly available on PC since it is an android application. Nevertheless you can still run the application on your PC using an android app emulator, preferably Bluestacks. All you have to do is follow the instructions below

  1. Download and install the blue stacks Android emulator on your PC 
  2. Launch the app after installation and complete the one-time setup. 
  3. Go to the search bar at the top right corner of the application and search for word swag. 
  4. Click the icon and install the app from the play store. 
  5. Once the installation is complete, go to “my app” tab and click on the word swag icon. 
  6. Now you can use the word swag app on your PC

How to use the word swag app

  1. Open the application
  2. Choose from the many images available 
  3. Add you text to the picture
  4. Choose your font, pick your text colour, size, and alignment. 
  5. Cross check your design and make every possible change. 
  6. Save your image to gallery or share to different social media platforms. 


If you want a simple application that can help you create outstanding designs fir your business and for your social media platforms, then word swag is the perfect application to use for such purposes. Make use of the awesome functions that the app offers and create the beautiful images for your business. 

Frequently asked questions about word swag

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is word swag free? 

No, word swag is not free. It costs a little token of $4.49 to get access to all the awesome features that the application offers. At the end of the day, you would actually discover you are paying less for more.

2. Is word swag available on PC? 

The word swag is not directly available on PC. Word swag is an Android application but it can be used on the PC through the blue stacks emulator. 

3. How do I get pictures on word swag? 

The pictures that are available on the app are from pixaby. They are free to use. You can also import pictures from your local storage. 

4. How often is word swag updated?

word swag is updated regularly by its developers. The updates are improvements on every feature available in the app. New features are also added on a regular. 

Alternatives to the word swag application 

If you are seeking other applications that you can use in place of the word swag app on your PC. All you need to use these apps on your PC is  the blue stacks Android emulator. 


Canva is a perfect alternative for the word swag app. It can be used to make simple and stunning designs for your social media and for your personal use. 


Desygner is another alternative to the word swag app. With designer, you can create different social media designs in any template that you like. 


With Phonto you can add text to your photos and create beautiful and colorful images for your social media feeds. 


TheWord Swag for PC is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to style their photos with texts and unique presets. If that’s you should consider using the app.

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